The Fallen trailer competition - winners announced!

Thank you to those who entered our unique film-making competition, with the BFI, to make the official trailer for ‘The Fallen.’

The competition launched in May and entries equated to hundreds of hours’ worth of blood, sweat and tears, from budding film-makers around the nation.

Overall winner

Check out the overall wining trailer here:

The winners are a group from the over 25s category who made the film on a budget of £300. It took just over a week and was shot at Kingston University, where one of the group studies. They had two make up artists on the team, which was led by 24 year-old James Lee from London.

He comments, ‘Two of us had worked on a short film a month earlier and were really motivated from that experience. We wanted to work on another film project from the ground up and see what we could do. It was a great experience but quite intense, as we came to the competition quite late. Coming up with the idea and script didn't take too long and I tried to write it in a way that would make it easy to create. After working on the project, I'm excited to get my hands on the books and dive into the world Charlie Higson has created. I would definitely do something like this again!

Charlie Higson judged the competition and announced the winner at an event at BFI Southbank, London, on Saturday 7 September. He said, ‘This was a really professionally made trailer, with particular attention paid to sound and music. It also captures the atmosphere of the series well and has some really powerful shots. It will be a great advertisement for The Fallen.’

The competition was open to all ages, in three different categories - under 16s, 16-24s and 25 year-olds and over.

Under 16 winner

The winning trailer in the under 16s category was made by a group of twelve children who made their trailer during a BFI Future Film DIY film-making workshop in August, won the under 16s category. They include Liam MacGovern, Ava Bogdanovic, Luc Dellaway (10), Joe Walker (11), Jamie Moreland (13), Jack Moreland (10), James Rantell (12), Izabelle Chappell (13), Victor Jack (14), Bill MacKillop (11) and Fred MacKillop (9).

View the winning under 16s trailer here:

Charlie said: ‘The trailer really encapsulates what kids love about zombies and the fun they must have had making these films. It was great to see so many trailers with all members of the family getting involved and I think the kids making them must have had a blast being chased around by zombie adults. This trailer also had the added detail of the two little boys remembering how things used to be. The shots of them are really strong and make this video stand out.

16 - 24 Winner

The winning film in the 16-24s category was created by a group led by Samuel de Ceccatty, a 23 year-old French-American living in London. He worked with animator Caroline Landry (22), composer Gaston Ardisson (17) and producer Manon Ardisson (24).

View the winning 16-24s category trailer here:

Charlie comments, ‘This was a really strong category with a huge number of entries, so it was very hard to pick an overall winner, but I loved how original and spooky this trailer was – so different to all the others. The clever use of animation and the ghostly figures of the children are very effective and this trailer really sticks in the mind.

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